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Our own Kickstarter projects

[ Feb 2024 ]

The 2nd generation of our CHAO playing cards with colored fronts, foiled card back in double foiled tuck box. 3000 decks each.

[ Nov 2023 ]

Limited edition 100% pure white deck of plastic playing cards with clear raised ink print. 100% water resistant including the box.

[ July 2023 ]

Quad color fluorescent ink playing cards printed on both sides which intensifies under UV light. 2300 decks limited edition.

[ June 2023 ]

Mythological Greek heroes playing cards, hand drawn with double foil tuck box. Only 2500 decks.

[ November 2022 ]

A limited deck of playing cards that smells like fried chicken. Enjoy the aroma while you play this fried chicken themed deck.

[ October 2022 ]

Fluorescent gilded and fluorescent printed playing cards which severely intensifies on all sides under UV light. 3 versions.

[ May 2022 ]

Hand-drawn illustrations of medieval castle life on stock made from grass & leafy parts of plants. Limited to 2500 decks.

[ January 2022 ]

Fluorescent Bubble Gum and Yellow ink playing cards printed on both sides which intensifies under UV light. Limited to 1500 decks each.

[ November 2021 ]

The 5th limited edition deck from our CHAO playing cards series featuring a beautiful Han purple color on card back and box. 2500 decks.

[ September 2021 ]

A deck of cards fit for playing at the beach, the pool and in the bar. A complete waterproof deck with perfect handling.

[ June 2021 ]

Peach and Pumpkin colored fluorescent ink playing cards printed on both sides which intensifies in UV light. Limited to 2500 decks each.

[ February 2021 ]

A completely fluorescent deck of playing cards with neon ink on both sides of cards and tuck box which intensifies under UV light. Limited to 5000 decks.

[ November 2020 ]

The fourth edition of the CHAO playing card deck series which takes on an imperial yellow color, a traditional color in China's dynasty. Limited run of 2000 decks.

[ August 2020 ]

Ground-breaking completely transparent deck of playing cards with clear ink print. Aqua playing cards is the closest thing to an invisible deck of cards.

[ December 2019 ]

Limited edition playing cards which takes on a jade green color, featuring illustration of key historical figures from Ancient China. Limited production run of 2500 decks.

[ August 2019 ]

The ONE Portland Edition was designed specifically for Cardistry-Con 2019 which was held in the city of Portland and takes on the color theme of their flag, green signifying the fields, blue rivers and yellow for agriculture and commerce. Limited to only 1500 decks.

[ May 2019 ]

Completely re-engineered and designed specifically for Cardistry, card magic and performance. The ONE is a huge milestone in the history of MPC. As introduced at Cardistry-Con 2018. Limited to 5500 decks.

[ March 2019 ]

A beautifully Japan-inspired double deck of cards, the Red Rising Sun Ed and the Blue Aozora Ed. This is our third project on the Impressions high gloss playing cards series but with a key change to significantly improve the handling of these cards. Simply sublime!

[ August 2018 ]

Limited to 12,000 decks only. This very special and unique deck of cards pays tribute to four of the greatest and most recognized dynasties in Chinese history – Han, Tang, Ming and Qing. A re-engineered deck of cards from card stock finishing to varnishing used.

[ May 2017 ]

The Impressions Foil Gold and Silver back playing cards follows on the success of our two previous sets of Impressions Foil Kickstarters which saw the initial release of this popular series and a follow-up project offering these decks in unconventional colors. The gold and silver back decks uses the same ground breaking printing technology and manufacturing process. The shades chosen is especially chosen to best depict luxuriousness and also to complement each other.

[ October 2016 ]

The Cardinal Ed. deck is a continuation of the wildly successful Impressions playing cards series. The Cardinal deck uses a very bold blood red and white to create the card face artwork applied onto the cards with a black background. The combination of these colors together with our MPC Impressions high gloss embossed technology is truly astounding and mind-blowing. But aside from admiring the beauty of the cards, the Cardinal Ed. deck can be played and handled like a normal deck of cards too.

[ November 2015 ]

While there are many playing card designs out there, there seemed to be not that many decks in the industry using softer tones such as pastel colors which is a surprise. The Femme deck is a concept deck inspired by beauty, femininity, love and romance. We finalized on pink and mint colors which were chosen carefully from research of reports of popular colors which could represent this concept. The outcome of using the combination of these colors with raised high gloss embossing with metallic printing technology are absolutely beautiful and we're proud to share it with everyone. We introduce to you, the all new Impressions Foil Femme Playing Cards.

[ April 2015 ]

After 45 days of project campaigning, our 3rd Kickstarter Impressions Foil Back Playing Cards came to an end with $39k funded and over 800 backers. This was a historic moment for MPC as a lot of work went into making these decks into what they are. Metallic thin foil plus a layer of UV high gloss embossing on the detailed back pattern of air pocketed professional grade playing cards card stock, finished off with a secret varnish to make them handle magnificently. The results are simply amazing and we are so proud of our team who made this happen. 3 colors are available, blue, red and green. Tuck boxes were upgraded to new metallic material and a gold MPC signed seal.

[ September 2014 ]

We released our second Kickstarter playing cards project on September 2014, introducing a whole new concept for a deck of cards which you can touch, feel and admire as well as play. We applied state of the art virko raised gloss effect technology onto 310gsm German casino card stock adding a new dimension to the artwork. This is a never done before concept on playing cards and MPC has become a pioneer for raised gloss embossed playing cards. 4 editions were made available, Stealth Ed., Standard, Phantom Ed. and the Court Ed. The project achieved monumental success with $81k funded and over 2000 backers.

[ January 2014 ]

We released our very own Kickstarter playing cards campaign in the early of 2014 which was a success. We designed a deck using 310gsm casino German card stock with linen finish, added gold foil stamping onto the tuck boxes and a seal. Uncut sheets were also made available. See more details. We'll be releasing more Kickstarter projects throughout the year so keep connected.

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