Impressions Foil Femme Playing Cards with UV Technology

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Femininity inspired playing cards with high gloss embossed metallic foil stamped back using state of the art print & production methods.


Impressions Foil Femme Playing Cards (The Femme Deck) are designed and manufactured by (MPC ®), a renowned custom playing cards printing and manufacturing company. This is our fourth Kickstarter project, our previous projects has generated huge interest in the gaming industry. We are now back with another exciting deck of playing cards inspired by femininity, but more importantly, using the latest in printing and manufacturing technology.

Impressions Foil Femme by MPCImpressions Foil Femme by MPC

MPC Ace of Spades with foil backMPC Ace of Spades with foil back

The Femme Deck

Following on the huge success of our previous projects where we used high gloss, touch and feel printing technology to playing cards, which has had such widespread appeal and have definitely grown way above our expectations, we have been working altogether again on creating another card deck concept.

While there are many playing card designs out there, there seemed to be not that many decks in the industry using softer tones such as pastel colors which is a surprise. The Femme deck is a concept deck inspired by beauty, femininity, love and romance. We finalized on pink and mint colors which were chosen carefully from research of reports of popular colors which could represent this concept. The outcome of using the combination of these colors with raised high gloss embossing with metallic printing technology are absolutely beautiful and we're proud to share it with everyone. We introduce to you, the all new Impressions Foil Femme Playing Cards.

Impressions Foil Femme by MPC 

The Impressions Foil Femme decks are pretty much amazing and definitely playing cards that you'll not have seen before with this kind of beauty. With an added "touch and feel" dimension to a well-established product, which we introduced to the gaming industry, feeling the touch of the cards is an exciting experience in itself.

Close-up of card backClose-up of card back

Who's it for?

These playing cards are for everyone. Despite its femininity themed colors, they will appeal to all as there's no denying the colors coupled with this technology is a great match.

Mint deckMint deck

Pink deckPink deck

The astoundingly shiny foil back playing cards with raised UV printing is the first of its kind in the playing cards industry. What's more, they can very much be played with like a normal CMYK printed deck and with superb performance. We have had countless number of testing of prototypes. Keeping these cards true as a deck of cards, we are using professional playing cards grade air pocketed paper card stock (linen) with a black core center layer.

Impressions Foil Femme by MPC 

Developing this deck is possible only through our skilled workforce and dedication to do what others have not done before. The knowledge that our mother company QP Group has acquired in its 33 years history and its ongoing investments in the latest technology, manufacturing methods and people have allowed us to create this exceptionally special Impressions Foil range.


The technology used behind our Impressions Foil Femme Playing Cards is a mix of traditional manufacturing methods plus state of the art secondary process industrial machinery. In short, we apply embossed gloss UV using pinpoint accuracy on state of the art machinery onto a layer of thin foil on the complex card back design which produces the outstandingly attractive and shiny metallic card back look.

The high gloss is very different to traditional spot UV as this revolutionary technology can produce a raise of up 250 microns in polymer height (which is Braille). We can also control the density of polymer applied, which is a ground breaking technology in printed materials.

Our signature high gloss UV is widely acclaimed due to its glossiness and characteristics to enable players to touch and feel the cards. Reaching 99GU gloss, which is the highest possible on printed material, giving the foil layer an extra shine, further strengthening the metallic shine experience.

Comparison with normal printed cardsComparison with normal printed cards

The Impressions Foil Femme Playing Cards are produced on 310gsm linen professional grade paper card stock. This is one of the top card stock that MPC offers, with black core center layer and equipped with an air pocketed surface creating a fantastically smooth handling experience.

Impressions Foil Femme by MPC 


We believe that playing cards is definitely an art, but at the same time, we don’t want to just create an art piece. We at MPC make sure that all cards that we produce are absolutely playable and would offer an exceptional handling experience for those of us who need it such as magicians and cardistry enthusiasts. You can see how they perform in the project video.

One handed fanOne handed fan


On releasing playing cards under our MPC brand, we also developed our own unique playing card design to go with it. Our signature back consists of a symmetrical illustration of a fully grown tree.

MPC tree backMPC tree back

We need trees to make paper and as a responsible paper product manufacturer and print company, QP devotes endless resources to help create a better environment by enforcing recycling efforts and expanding usage of recycled materials on mass productions. We have chosen a tree design to remind ourselves of our roots and values. The card face of these Impressions Foil cards adopts a standard design for practicality. All artwork were fully redrawn to create this design unique to MPC.

The Femme decks comes in colors pink and mint tree back, making it the perfect addition to your collection and more importantly, can become your everyday deck of cards for entertainment and performance.

Stretch goal

$15K - Once we reach this funding goal, we will upgrade our regular seals on each tuck box to the special gold signed MPC seal.

We're working on more surprises.

Metallic Tuck box

The tuck box contains a layer of thin foil and the revolutionary high gloss UV technology to apply different levels of polymer (very glossy raised ink) to certain parts of the artwork to form a touch and feel effect.

Foiled tuck boxesFoiled tuck boxes

Impressions Foil Femme by MPC 

Uncut sheets

We have the Pink and Mint foil back uncut sheets available through our ULTIMATE COLLECTORS pledge or you can buy them individually for $30 each as an add-on.


As always we’re hoping to be able to include a gift for all our backers. This would depend on the amount of funding raised, and it would most likely come in a form of an item or coupon to use at

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