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Over 40 years in the professional playing cards and card games printing and manufacturing industry

Renown brand with an online playing cards maker

MakePlayingCards.com (MPC) is a world renown major playing cards and board games printing and manufacturing company providing a super easy way for playing card designers, card game designers and board game companies to make their full production quality prototypes right through to mass production of their tabletop games. Our dedicated and incredibly user-friendly card maker means you can complete your designs in as little as 30 seconds. We have been serving customers across different industries around the globe for over 40 years providing them with unmatched superior quality playing cards at very affordable prices made only possible through our years of experience in this industry, non-stop research and development for continuous improvement and heavy investments in new machinery.

Eco-friendly and socially responsible

As a responsible game card production company, we take our responsibility very seriously, to protect trees by sourcing materials originated from well-managed forests and support green printing. We offer a growing range of premium quality recycled and sustainable materials on our cards as well as boxes to reduce our carbon footprint. We also run a "use less plastic" program which essentially reduces use of plastic packaging materials. The inks that we use for printing are majority soy based and we use water based varnishing to protect your prints. Additionally, our company and production facilities conforms to a host of international standards and operate in a socially accountable manner. View our accreditations for more details.

State-of-the-Art production complex

Our 50,000+ square meter production complex houses some 4,000 staff and full fleet of state-of-the-art machines, sufficiently equipped to meet the multifaceted demands in pre-print, print and post-print processes. Even if your needs are more than playing cards printing such as board games, puzzles, packaging and/or other paper craft production, the odds are we can do it for you and at a very good price. Contact us to speak to a member of our team.

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Over 40 Years in the Games Printing Industry. No minimum order!