Gold/Silver/Holographic Foil Cards

Gold/Silver/Holographic Foil Cards
Gold/Silver/Holographic foil cards

Gold/Silver/Holographic foil cards (also known as hologram cards, holofoil cards or simply as foil cards) is a popular type of cards for TCG trading cards or sports cards. It is essentially a wafer thin layer of rainbow foil skillfully applied onto a card before putting it through to print.

Gold/Silver/Holographic Foil Cards
Gold/Silver/Holographic foil with no minimum?

It's true and no minimum custom gold/silver/holographic foil cards are only available at MPC made possible by huge investments in state of the art machines but more importantly, by our investments in our highly skilled workforce.

Silver Gilt Edged Cards

Supreme quality rainbow foil on professional card stock, manufactured to reduce warping which is common on hologram cards.

  • Sizes: available on all our sizes.
  • Available on S27, S30, S33, M28, M29, M31 and A35 smooth card stock.
  • Single and double sided
Gold/Silver/Holographic Foil Cards
Video Sample
Video Sample

See a sample of MPC's custom gold/silver/holographic foil cards on video for closer inspection.

Gold frontGold front
Silver frontSilver front
Holographic frontHolographic front
How to start?

It's easy! To select this option, choose Holographic under the print type options before you proceed to customizing your order.

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