High Gloss Game Cards

High Gloss Printed Tuck Box
MPC's Pioneering High Gloss Printing

Custom playing cards can be great for many industries such as for game designers, for promotional purposes, as gifts for any special events including weddings, exhibitions etc. But what makes your CMYK deck of cards stand out from the millions of deck designs already out there? The addition of MPC's high gloss printing with a touch and feel dimension to them will make the difference and is sure to wow anyone who sees it. The added gloss brings out any artwork into life and what's more, we have developed a secret varnish for these cards so they handle just as beautifully as they look.

>High Gloss Game Cards
High Gloss Printing vs. Traditional spot UV

Some may be confused between MPC's high gloss and traditional spot UV but they are very distinctively different. Spot UV has no touch and feel dimension to it and is not as glossy. See the photo below for comparison.

Spot UV
Spot UV

As you can see spot UV is almost flat whereas MPC's high gloss is able to achieve up to 250 microns (Braille effect) in polymer height which is 100 times higher than selective varnish. We can apply different densities ranging from 1-100% through the same pass which normal spot UV cannot achieve.

High Gloss Printing
MPC High Gloss Technology

In terms of the glossiness, high gloss achieves 99GU which is the highest gloss possible for printed material. Your selected areas of colors will stand out even more through this raised gloss effect. This is the absolute latest in printing technology.

  • Custom printed cards on premium card stock options
  • Raised high gloss UV printing
  • Available for any size of cards
  • Download preparation templates with CMYK and High Gloss layer groups
  • No minimum order quantity
>High Gloss Game Cards
Video Sample
Video Sample

The video shows samples of MPC's high gloss embossing on different designs of playing cards.

Video Tutorial
Video Tutorial

Watch our easy tutorial video in preparing a file for high gloss printing.


Choose your card size and choose the "High gloss + full color print" option under the Choose print type drop down menu. Download the correct template file according to your chosen playing card size and add the new layer groups as detailed in our cards maker. Add your design and upload it to us and order.

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