Gold/Silver/Holographic Spot Cold Foil

Spot Gold/Silver/Holographic Cold Foil
Spot gold/silver/holographic cold foil

Spot cold foiling is a high precision process where we add foil to specific areas of the card. We currently have 3 foil colors or type for you to choose from, namely gold, silver and holographic. You can choose to apply the foil on 1 side or both sides of your card. The foiled side(s) will not have color printing.

Spot Gold/Silver/Holographic Cold Foil
No minimum cold foil printing

There is no minimum required for your custom cold foil printed cards at MPC, made possible only through our huge investments in state of the art machinery but more importantly, through our investments in our highly skilled workforce.

Spot Gold/Silver/Holographic Cold Foil

Supreme quality wafer thin foil on professional card stock, manufactured to reduce warping which is common on foiled cards.

  • Sizes: available on all our sizes.
  • Available on S30, S33, M28, M29 and M31 card stocks.
  • Single and double sided
Spot Gold/Silver/Holographic Cold Foil
Video Sample
Video Sample

See samples of MPC's custom spot cold foil printed cards on video.

Spot gold cold foilGold foil
Spot silver cold foilSilver foil
Spot holographic cold foilHolographic foil
How to start?

It's easy! To select this option, choose Spot gold/silver/holographic cold foil under the print type options before you proceed to customizing your order.

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