Gilded Edge Tarot

Gold Gilded Tarot Cards
Gilded Edge

Add Gold/Silver/Red/Blue/Green or Purple gilded edging to your tarot cards to give it that authentic and professional feel that a tarot card reader should have. Simply create your design and add the gilded edge option to your cards and that's it.

Gold Gilded Tarot Cards
Gilding with no minimum?

There are no minimum order required on MPC's Gold/Silver/Red/Blue/Green or Purple Gilt Tarot Cards and this is only made possible through considerable investments into state of the art machinery and R&D development. We are likely the first and only card manufacturer with no minimum (at the time of this writing) and it was developed with our customer needs in mind where not everyone would need hundreds or thousands of copies of their tarot deck.

Gold Gilt Edged Cards

Currently, we have Gold/Silver/Red/Blue/Green or Purple gilded edge options for 3 different size of cards. If you require gilding on any other card size, please contact us.

Gold Gilded Tarot Cards
Video Sample
Video Sample

See a sample of MPC's no minimum gilded edged tarot cards on video.

Gold giltGold gilt
Silver giltSilver gilt
Red giltRed gilt
Blue giltBlue gilt
Green giltGreen gilt
Purple giltPurple gilt
How to start?

It's easy! To select this option, choose Gold Gilt Cards under the print type options before you proceed to customizing your order.

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