Impressions Rising Sun & Aozora Ed. Playing Cards

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Premium Japan-inspired deck of cards produced using state of the art high-gloss precision print & production technology.

Rising Sun Ed.Rising Sun Ed.

Rising Sun Ed.


The Impressions series Playing Cards are designed and manufactured by (MPC®), a branded playing cards and card games manufacturing company with over 40 years history. With huge success from our previous Impressions series playing cards Kickstarter projects, we have not one but two very impressive additions to add to the highly-acclaimed range. The Rising Sun Ed. and the Aozora Ed., both of which are inspired by the colors of the amazingly-cultured country of Japan.

Linen Card StockLinen Card Stock

The MPC Impressions Rising Sun Ed. playing cardsThe MPC Impressions Rising Sun Ed. playing cards

The Aozora Ed. deckThe Aozora Ed. deck

The Japan-inspired decks

We are hugely proud to introduce the Rising Sun and the Aozora decks to our world-renown Impressions Playing Cards series. Aptly named, these two new decks are inspired by Japan and have an underlying Japanese theme.

Japanese inspired decksJapanese inspired decks

We designed the two new decks with inspirations from Japan in mind. The Rising Sun Ed. is designed with inspirations drawn from the traditional colors on the Japanese flag which consists of a red circle in the center to represent the sun on a white background, often referred to as the “Rising Sun”. The Rising Sun deck is our main deck in this project as it features the most traditional and prominent colors of this amazing country. The playing cards bear a bright red background with contrasting black and white artwork.

Heart Queen Card - Rising Sun Ed.Heart Queen Card - Rising Sun Ed.

Ace and J,Q,K CardsAce and J,Q,K Cards

Rising Sun Ed. CardsRising Sun Ed. Cards

Rising Sun Ed. CardsRising Sun Ed. Cards

Rising Sun Ed. Tuck BoxRising Sun Ed. Tuck Box

The second deck is our blue deck called the Aozora Ed. meaning "blue sky" in Japanese (青空,あおぞら) and is seen very often in photography of Japan, a very commonly used color in anime and more importantly, it is a traditional color for representing good luck.

Aozora EditionAozora Edition

Aozora Ed. Ace Card and Card BackAozora Ed. Ace Card and Card Back

Aozora Ed. Tuck Box

Aozora Ed. Tuck BoxAozora Ed. Tuck Box

There are many variations of the blue color. We chose a deep blue shade to compliment intricate red line art on the heart and diamond suits and white on the spade and club suits. We are very excited with these new color combinations which are further visually-enhanced produced using our renown MPC raised high-gloss embossed state of the art technology.

What’s changed?

Cards FanCards Fan

Apart from the new visually-appealing color theme and aesthetics, what differentiates the Aozora and Rising Sun Ed. from our previous Impressions decks is the card stock and varnishing used. The new combination vastly refines the smoothness and handling of the deck, allowing you to perform cardistry and magic card tricks just like a normal printed professional deck of cards. This makes the Aozora and Rising Sun decks perfect for card enthusiasts, cardists and generally people who loves playing cards.

Improved vanish for handlingImproved vanish for handling


We are constantly upgrading our technology, improving our methods and materials used to evolve the production and manufacturing of our playing cards to ensure the cards that we produce meet or exceed expectations.

Cards FanClose-up

Cards FanImpressions technology

What makes the Impressions series so unique is the added touch and feel aspect, where you can physically feel the detail of the artwork on the cards. Using state of the art technology, we apply high-gloss with pinpoint accuracy to specific areas of the playing cards to produce a detailed and very touchable raised gloss embossed effect. The high-gloss used can achieve up to 250 microns (braille effect) in polymer height which is 100 times higher than the normal selective UV varnish. You’d assume that this would affect the function and playability of the cards but we have developed a method to ensure that the cards are breathtakingly beautiful as well as highly functional and playable. This is a major development that is very unique to MPC.

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