Fluorescent Squared Playing Cards - 375 Decks Total

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Fluorescent Squared Playing Cards - 375 Decks Total

Fluorescent gilded and fluorescent printed playing cards which severely intensifies on all sides under UV light. 3 versions.

3 Limited Fluorescent Squared Playing Card Decks (only 375 decks made in total)

This is nothing like you've seen before and there's only 375 decks in total.

Fluorescent Squared Playing Cards

Fluorescent Squared Playing Cards

Pink, Peach, PumpkinPink, Peach, Pumpkin

The very limited Fluorescent Squared playing cards is made by MPC and is maxed out with fluorescent ink. As well as both card front and back of cards which is printed with our highly fluorescent ink, we have fluorescent gilded them too. What's more, both the inside and outside of the tuck box is fluorescently printed as well.

Total Pumpkin

The cards are produced on MPC’s M30 linen air light card stock with their renown BETA finish creating a deck that is perfectly smooth, snappy, springy as well as flexible, which is needed for all those complex card movements as used in cardistry and sleight of hand card magic tricks.

Fluorescent Squared Playing Cards

Total Bubble Gum PinkTotal Bubble Gum Pink

A deck that glows on all sides under UV light

Fluorescent Squared Playing Cards

Fluorescent Squared Playing Cards

Put the Fluorescent Squared playing cards under direct sunlight, the deck will glow. Put the deck under UV lighting and be prepared to shock everyone. The Fluorescent Squared deck is specifically made for using in dark environments such as bars and nightclubs where you can show off a magic trick or 2 under their black lighting or UV spot lighting. Let’s put it this way, even if your card tricks don’t impress, the Fluorescent playing cards are sure to bring you straight into the spotlight as once you set your eyes on them, it’s hard to not look at them in awe.

Fluorescent Squared Playing Cards

Fluorescent Squared Playing Cards

3 Colors - Bubble Gum, Peach and Pumpkin

Fluorescent Squared Playing Cards

Fluorescent gildFluorescent gild

Total Bubble GumTotal Bubble Gum

Total PeachTotal Peach

Total PumpkinTotal Pumpkin

Limited in numbers

We have very little of these decks. The Squared Editions will be a limited to 375 decks in total so once they are sold out, they're gone and will not be reproduced again. Why 375 decks? We are doing this as an experiment and a bit of fun, maximizing a deck of cards with fluorescent ink just looks really cool. We don't want to make huge numbers of them so 375 is just about right in our books.

Fluorescent Squared Playing Cards

100% recycled tuck box

Doing more for the world that we live in is very important to us which is why we are going green. The tuck box used for our Fluorescent Squared decks are 100% made from recycled paper and finished off with a matte water-based varnish to protect the beautiful print.

Fluorescent Squared Playing Cards

Inside tuck box printing

Maximizing this deck with fluorescent ink is the goal so the inside of the tuck box is printed with fluorescent ink too producing an amazing glow the moment you open the box.

Fluorescent insideFluorescent inside

3 decks at random

There's only 375 decks and that's all we're producing in total between the 3 colors, so backing this project will mean you will get 1 of the 3 fluorescent decks at random. If you back 2 decks, we will do our best to give you different decks depending on the split between backers backing 1, 2 and 3 decks. If you back 3 decks, you will get all 3 colors.

All 3 decksAll 3 decks

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