Impressions Cardinal Ed. Playing Cards

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Experience the touch and feel of the artwork on a deck of playing cards, using state of the art raised gloss embossed technology.

[Update - 2/11/2016]

Impressions Racing Ed.released

Following our $10K funding, we have released another new deck which is themed in a British racing green color which we're ecstatic to have added to Impressions. We present to you, the Impressions Racing Ed. deck. Enjoy!

The MPC Impressions Racing Ed. playing cardsThe MPC Impressions Racing Ed. playing cards


Impressions Cardinal Edition Playing Cards is designed and manufactured by (MPC®), a renowned custom playing cards printing and manufacturing company. This is our fifth Kickstarter project. Following the monumental success of the Impressions playing cards series as from our previous projects, we are now introducing one of our favorite decks to date, another astounding deck of playing cards which we are very proud to add to the MPC Impressions series, the Cardinal Ed. playing cards.

The MPC Impressions Cardinal Ed. playing cardsThe MPC Impressions Cardinal Ed. playing cards

The Cardinal Ed. deckThe Cardinal Ed. deck

MPC Ace of SpadesMPC Ace of Spades

The MPC Impressions Racing Ed. playing cardsThe MPC Impressions Racing Ed. playing cards

The Cardinal Ed. Deck

The Cardinal deck is a continuation of the wildly successful Impressions playing cards series which saw the release of the Stealth Ed deck.

Listening to all the feedback that we got from our previous backers and our customers, we created the cardinal deck where we use a very bold blood red and white to create the card face artwork applied onto the cards with a black background.

Cardinal Ed. Hearts CardCardinal Ed. Hearts Card

Cardinal Ed. Spade CardCardinal Ed. Spade Card

King of HeartsKing of Hearts

The combination of these colors used with our MPC Impressions high gloss embossed technology is truly astounding and mind-blowing but aside from the cards being admired, an newly added dimension to experience the touch and feel of the artwork, more importantly, the Cardinal Ed. deck can be played and handled like a normal deck of cards.


The Cardinal Ed. deck is made using a smart arrangement of state of the art printing and production machinery which together, can produce amazing results. We use premium playing cards material, M32 linen air card stock which we then apply selective UV with pinpoint accuracy, to certain areas of the playing cards to produce a sleek raised gloss embossed effect called virko.

M32 linen air card stockM32 linen air card stock

Impressions Cardinal Ed. Playing Cards 

The MPC Impressions Racing Ed. playing cardsThe MPC Impressions Racing Ed. playing cards

This high gloss is very different from traditional spot UV as this revolutionary technology can achieve up to 250 microns (braille effect) in polymer height which is 100 times higher than selective varnish. We can also control the density of polymer applied ranging from 1-100%. The gloss applied is rated at 99 Gloss Units which is the highest there is for printed materials, meaning that the artwork really stands out and looks very impressive.

We also apply this glossed raised embossing onto the tuck boxes too to complete the deck.

Hig Gloss Embossed Tuck BoxHig Gloss Embossed Tuck Box

Racing Ed. tuck boxRacing Ed. tuck box

Further to our previous Impressions decks, we have been actively developing and made even more improvements in the printing and manufacturing process to provide even sharper colors and smoother handling for playability.


The design on the card faces are unique to the MPC brand. Our signature back consists of a symmetrical illustration of a fully grown tree as the focal point since playing cards are essentially paper which originates from trees, hence the inspiration for the design.

Tree backTree back

Cards frontCards front

Racing Ed. front and backRacing Ed. front and back

The finishing touch of the high gloss embossing that is applied on the graphics of card fronts creates a very stand out design. We at MPC, introduced this new technology to the gaming world in 2014 and we have since seen massive growth on the use of this method on many game designs.

King of DiamondsKing of Diamonds

The Cardinal deck takes on bold colors, a cardinal red and white on black card. Great for collectors, enthusiasts, cardists and more importantly, can become your everyday deck of cards for games, entertainment and performances.

Half/Full BrickHalf/Full Brick

The MPC Double Deck Set

With this project, we are also releasing a double deck box for encasing 2 decks. We use a special material to project a luxurious feeling upon touch.

Double Cardinal Ed. deck setDouble Cardinal Ed. deck set

Black tray insideBlack tray inside

Uncut sheetUncut sheet

Uncut sheetUncut sheet


Adding the special raised embossed gloss effect to the cards will essentially increase the height of the deck ever so slightly and will in theory disrupt the smoothness of the cards which is needed for cardistry such as shuffling and fanning. But through continuous improvements, changes and new developments, we are able to achieve a very high degree of playability that has to be handled to be admired. The Impressions cards can be completely bended as normal and are absolutely playable as well as can offer an exceptional handling experience for those of us who need it such as magicians and cardistry enthusiasts.

Cards table spreadCards table spread

Racing Ed. table spreadRacing Ed. table spread

Stretch Goal

$10,000: Once we reach this funding goal, we have another surprise for this project but more about it later.

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