Impressions Metallic Foil Stamped Playing Cards

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High gloss embossed metallic foil stamped back playing cards using ground breaking metallic manufacturing & printing technology.

New Signed MPC Gold Seal (Limited Ed.) - (22 May '15)

Today, I have received our last prototype of something that we’re going to add to all decks backed through this Kickstarter project to make them all limited editions.

Metallic box with MPC gold signed sealsMetallic box with MPC gold signed seals

Yes, we are adding a new signed MPC gold seal to every deck backed in this project.

New Metallic Brick Boxes (Limited Ed.) - (19 May '15)

We have just released the MPC Limited Edition metallic brick boxes which is manufactured using our metallic foil printing technology on a very complicated graphic design based on our tree back design.

Limited Edition Metallic Brick BoxesLimited Edition Metallic Brick Boxes

This is the first ever metallic printed brick box available with a touch and feel effect brought to you by MPC's special UV high gloss embossing technology. It has to be seen to be believed. These brick boxes are limited to Kickstarter backers and will not be released to the general public.

Metallic bricks, Metallic tucks and Metallic card backsMetallic bricks, Metallic tucks and Metallic card backs

Available as part of a pledge tier as listed or you can upgrade your existing reward with a brick box for $15. Just increase your pledge by $15 per brick box and add a note to us in the survey which we will send to you at the end of the project. (Note to upgrade to the limited edition brick box, you must already have a brick box in your package.)

Added Green Foil back deck - (12 May '15)

Having listened to your feedback and requests, we at MPC got back to developing and have just released a Green foil stamped back deck to add to our Impressions Foil range. Working as quick as we can, the stunning new Green deck is now available.

Green Foil back deckGreen Foil back deck

Upgraded tuck box - (27 Apr '15)

Woohoo....! We have just upgraded all our Impressions Foil decks to include a metallic foil tuck box to go with the metallic back cards, courtesy of MPC.

Metallic tucksMetallic tucks

These are added at no extra cost to you but we added it simply because they look absolutely great and it's all worth it! We'll absorb the extra costs. As you can see from the photo below, the difference is quite significant. Stands out more when you have the box in your hands but we're working hard on producing better photos that can better reflect the real product. These boxes contain a metallic foil layer which means all the printed colors become metallic i.e. multi-colored foil effect.

Tuck box close-upTuck box close-up

The previous box was still a very nice box which uses different densities of UV embossed high gloss, similar to our previous Impressions deck box but on top of that, we have now added a layer of metallic foil covering the full surface area of the box which brings out a very funky metallic shine. See the comparison below.

Difference between new metallic foil box and previousboxDifference between new metallic foil box and previousbox

Box back:

Box backBox back

Video to show metallic box:


Impressions Foil Playing Cards are designed and manufactured by (MPC®), a renowned custom playing cards printing and manufacturing company. Our last Kickstarter project, Impressions Playing Cards, was wildly successful and had generated huge interest in the gaming industry. We are now back with another new and exciting “never done before” concept to a deck of playing cards using the latest in printing and manufacturing technology.

Impressions FoilImpressions Foil

Red and Blue back foil decksRed and Blue back foil decks

Whats New?

In our previous Impressions playing cards project, we introduced high gloss, touch and feel printing technology to the playing cards industry which has had such widespread appeal and have definitely grown way above our expectations. Since our last project, we have been working altogether again on another exciting playing cards concept and have created a very beautiful product which has to be personally seen to be fully appreciated.

Rather than creating new artwork designs, we have kept our focus on putting new innovative technologies and traditional manufacturing methods together to produce a deck of cards that is mind blowing. Following on the success of our Impressions decks, we have further enhanced the high gloss technology to bring you the all new Impressions Foil Playing Cards which is absolutely stunning and adds a unique “touch and feel” experience to your game.

Impressions Foil Blue backImpressions Foil Blue back

Blue Foil cardsBlue Foil cards

Our super shiny foil back playing cards is the first of its kind in the playing cards industry as not only does it have a very attractive shine on the card back, they can very much be played with like a normal CMYK printed deck. There are many metallic themed playing cards out there already which is metallic in the sense that they use metallic ink, designed with metallic themed artwork or using a different material that's not common for playing cards. After many months of hard work and countless number of times in testing of prototypes, MPC is now the first to be able to achieve and deliver this truely metallic looking playing cards on professional grade air pocketed paper card stock.

Card back and frontCard back and front

This is possible only through our skilled workforce and dedication to do what others have not done before. The knowledge that our mother company QP Group has acquired in its 33 years history and its ongoing investments in the latest technology, manufacturing methods and people have allowed us to create this exceptionally special Impressions Foil range.

Red and BlueRed and Blue


The technology used behind our Impressions Foil Playing Cards is a mix of traditional manufacturing methods plus state of the art secondary process industrial machinery. In short and somewhat similar to our first Impressions decks, we applied embossed glossy UV with pinpoint accuracy onto a layer of thin foil on the complex card back design which produces the outstandingly attractive and shiny metallic card back look.

The high gloss is very different to traditional spot UV as this revolutionary technology can produce a raise of up 250 microns in polymer height (which is Braille). We can also control the density of polymer applied, which is a ground breaking technology in printed materials.

Difference between normal printed and MPC metallic technology card backDifference between normal printed and MPC metallic technology card back

Our signature high gloss UV is widely acclaimed due to its glossiness and characteristics to enable players to touch and feel the cards. Reaching 99GU gloss, which is the highest possible on printed material, giving the foil layer an extra shine, further strengthening the metallic experience.

The Impressions Foil Playing Cards are produced on M32 linen professional grade card stock. This is one of the top card stock that MPC offers, with black core center layer and equipped with an air pocketed surface creating a fantastically smooth handling experience.

M32 paper card stockM32 paper card stock


We believe that playing cards is definitely an art, but at the same time, we don’t want to just create an art piece. We at MPC make sure that all cards that we produce are absolutely playable and would offer an exceptional handling experience for those of us who need it such as magicians and cardistry enthusiasts. You can see how they perform in the project video.

Card fanningCard fanning

Red Foil table spreadRed Foil table spread


On releasing playing cards under our MPC brand, we also developed our own unique playing card design to go with it. Our signature back consists of a symmetrical illustration of a fully grown tree.

Blue tree backBlue tree back

Red tree backRed tree back

We need trees to make paper and as a responsible paper product manufacturer and print company, QP devotes endless resources to help create a better environment by enforcing recycling efforts and expanding usage of recycled materials on mass productions. We have chosen a tree design to remind ourselves of our roots and values. The card face of these Impressions Foil cards adopts a standard design which we have developed on our own. Every detail including the pips were fully redrawn to create this design unique to MPC.

9,10, J, Q, K9,10, J, Q, K

Front DesignFront Design

Impression Foil comes in the MPC blue and red tree back, making it the perfect addition to your collection and more importantly, can become your everyday deck of cards for entertainment and performance.

Stretch Goal:

$20K - Once we reach this funding goal, we will upgrade our regular seals on each tuck box to the special gold MPC seal.

MPC Gold SealsMPC Gold Seals

Tuck box

The tuck box for the Impressions Foil is similar to our previous Impressions in that it uses high gloss UV technology to apply different levels of polymer to certain parts of the artwork.

Impressions Foil tuck boxesImpressions Foil tuck boxes

Uncut sheets

We have just made the Red and Blue foil back uncut sheets available through our ULTIMATE COLLECTORS pledge or buy them individually for $30 each as an add-on.

Uncut sheetsUncut sheets


As always we’re hoping to be able to include a gift for all our backers. This would depend on the amount of funding raised, and it would most likely come in a form of an item or coupon to use at

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How to upgrade to a Metallic Brick Box (Limited Ed.)?

You can upgrade your existing reward containing a brick box for $15. Just increase your pledge by $15 per brick box and add a note to us in the survey which we will send to you at the end of the project. (Note to upgrade to the limited edition brick box, you MUST already have a brick box in your package.)

Add-ons price listAdd-ons price list

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