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Completely re-engineered and designed specifically for Cardistry. The ONE is a huge milestone in the history of MPC. As seen at CC18.

The Concept

The concept which determined the aesthetics of this deck was created by Alex Tse who aptly named the deck called The ONE for several reasons. The design is based on the number 1. This is the 1st deck ever that uses this completely new development by MPC on playing cards. The aim was to create the best possible deck in terms of feeling and handling for performing Cardistry and card magic. This deck is "the one". Limited to 5500 copies.

thumb fan

thumb fanthumb fan

Zach Mueller's bloomZach Mueller's bloom

The Design

The foundation of the design consists of 2 number 1's diagonally facing each other on opposite corners. It was designed in a way that fully complements and enhances card flourishes such as card fans, springs, cuts and spins to name just a few. A borderless design is adopted in order to accentuate each and every move performed, creating a WOW factor.

The ONE designThe ONE design

not for playing..."not for playing..."

The New Card Stock

The card stock used on The ONE is nothing like you've ever handled before. It's thinner, lighter, softer and possesses the perfect level of stiffness needed for amplifying your Cardistry and card magic skills. Highly responsive. We call it the Linen Air Light.

New Card Stock specific for CardistryNew Card Stock specific for Cardistry

New Card Stock specific for Cardistry

The New Finishing

The finishing fully complements the Linen Air Light and produces a handling experience that's nothing short of amazing. Silky smooth for fans, spreads and with an element of stickiness for cards to stick together, to your fingers as and when you need them to. We call this the Beta finish.

Chris Kenner's Sybil CutChris Kenner's Sybil Cut

Dan and Dave's Jackson FiveDan and Dave's Jackson Five

Dan and Dave's Jackson Five

The Cutting

Cutting a card cut into the pack is like cutting a knife into butter. There is no other way to describe it. Faroing cards is simple and seamless.

The Cutting

The Feeling

The feeling of a deck of cards is vital to a cardist or a card magician. If it doesn't feel right, then you won't get much out of it but if it feels right, then you can seemingly perform seamlessly with ease. The ONE just feels right!

The Feeling

Limited to 5500

This is a limited edition with a production run of 5500 copies only. So once they're gone, they are well and truly gone. Get it while you can.

The ONE at Cardistry-Con 2018

The ONE playing cards was first introduced at Cardistry-Con 2018 in Hong Kong on the second day as a surprise deck where every one of the 200 attendees received a deck. This marks as a very significant day for MPC since this was the first time anyone outside of MPC got to test out the new card stock and finishing which has been in development for close to 3 years. It was a nervous moment when Alex presented the deck on stage, even though we were very confident cardists would love the deck, it wasn't a certainty yet. The feedback we received was nothing short of amazing and there was nothing but praise so we knew we definitely had a confirmed winner.

“Seeing Dan and Dave with The ONE deck in their hands during the Con was personally a major highlight” says Alex.

After a few final touches and changes here and there, although it has taken us a bit longer than originally thought, it is now finally here and ready for release.

Check out some videos of The ONE at Cardistry-Con 2018 by renown cardists

Matt Fox test driving the ONE

Alex Matencio opening the ONE

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