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This page is designed to help you navigate across our custom card ranges and our online card builder options more quickly. Overall we have 29 card ranges:

Image and Text vs Backgound Colour and Text

Image and text templates allow image (photo) / artwork upload with option to enter text. Background colour and text templates offer 35 color options as an alternative to image / artwork - perfect for those who prefer color and text only.

Upload image/add text playing cards
Upload image/add text
Choose card color/add text playing cards
Choose card color/add text

Standard Index vs Jumbo Index

Index are located on the top right and bottom left of each playing card and are numbered from ace to king. Standard index are smaller in size than jumbo index. Casinos prefer jumbo index as it better supports viewing from a distance.

Standard index
Standard index
Jumbo index
Jumbo index

Portrait vs Landscape

You can opt to upload your image / artwork and add messages using our text editor in portrait view or landscape view on card backs or card faces.


Maximum Customizable Cards

For custom back range, you can customize up to 54 cards (includes 2 jokers) for your designs. For custom face and back range, you can customize up to 108 sides (54 backs and 54 fronts). For custom card range (blank cards), you can choose up to 234 cards per deck.

Image / Artwork and Message Grouping for Playing Cards

Our flexible online cards maker allows you to choose from the following combinations for the backs of playing cards as well as for the face of playing cards:

  • Same for all cards - 1 image / artwork and message
  • Same for each suit - 4 different images / artwork and messages
  • Same for each number - 13 different images / artwork and messages
  • Different for each card - 54 different images / artwork and messages
choose image

Custom Blank Cards

Our custom blank cards are perfect for those who need complete control over how their deck of cards will look where you can upload any design to the cards face and back. Choose to customize up to 234 cards in a deck. Perfect for those looking to create custom trading cards, game cards or any other custom card decks for any other puposes.

25 Sizes

Our cards come in 19 industry standard sizes:

Poker size cards are more commonly used in industries such as education, retail, businesses while bridge sized cards are often used for gaming industries such as casinos. Large sized cards are mainly used by marketing companies looking for a unique way to display their portfolio or retailers and the eductional sector looking for more space to print pictures and photos.

playing cards size

Card stock options

All our cards have several professional card stock options including smooth and linen finishes. Smooth finish uses a S30 with black core and is popular for tabletop game cards and promotional use. Linen finish uses a M31 or M32 with black core later and is preferred by professional card players around the world as it offers a more superior durability and is more mark resistant without forgetting the importance of the shuffle and deal with ease requirements.

We also have S27 promotional card stock which are slightly thinner but same high quality for those who would like personalized card decks for promotional purposes. Our premium option P10 100% white plastic is highly acclaimed and is perfect for long lasting cards and card enthusiasts. A top choice and highly sought after.

Black Core or Blue Core

Quality playing cards have a black or blue core layer between the card front and card back. Cards without a core layer are transparent when held up against light. For opaque cards, the black core is essential and adds quality to the cards. Our casino card quality option uses black core cards. Blue core playing cards are the next best thing to black core and can only be seen as transparent when high intensity light is shone through them. Our premium cards option uses the blue core.

Plastic Playing Cards

We also stock 100% plastic playing cards (P10 100% premium white plastic card stock) which has become a popular choice in the games industry. We use some of the best plastic playing cards materials available in the gaming industry printed in high gloss providing rich photographic finish on each individual card, putting us second to none in this market. Plastic playing cards are longer lasting than ordinary paper playing cards and are waterproof. All our bridge and poker size cards are available in plastic.

A closer look at our cardstock options

We have 9 professional cardstock options for you to choose from. So which one is right for you? We take a closer look here.

S27 promotional card stock with blue core (smooth finish)
S27 promotional card stock with blue core (smooth finish) [see more details...]

Our S27 promotional cardstock is the lowest price from our range but still providing high quality printed cards. Each card contains a blue core layer in the middle to make them less see through. These are especially popular for marketing promotional purposes or customers looking for a lower priced option.

S30 professional standard card stock with blue core (smooth finish)
S30 professional standard card stock with blue core (smooth finish) [see more details...]

S30 cardstock has a smooth finish and is the most standard cardstock on the market. Each card contains a blue core centre to reduce card transparency. These are popular for game card designers and for higher end company/wedding promotional purposes. Great for photo printing which makes this one of the top choices.

S33 superior smooth card stock with black core (smooth finish)
S33 superior smooth card stock with black core (smooth finish) [see more details...]

Our S33 card stock has an extra smooth finish and is a card stock which is considered to be one of the finest available. This card stock provides more visual contrast than standard stock, keeping the graphics printed on each card vivid in colors. The card stock is made to look cleaner, extra durable, and all in all, possesses a superior feel to them. Top choice for game card creators and for purposes that requires the absolute best in smooth card surfaces and quality.

M30 magic quality card stock with black core (linen air light finish)
M30 magic quality card stock with black core (linen air light finish) [see more details...]

The M30 linen air light card stock was made especially for performing cardistry and magic tricks. The stock is lighter and softer making handling an absolute delight.

M31 casino quality card stock with black core (linen finish)
M31 casino quality card stock with black core (linen finish) [see more details...]

A very professional casino paper cardstock option that we offer is the M31 which has a linen finish with air pockets making them more durable, better handling and more slippery. Each card contains a black core layer centre to block light shining through. These are perfect for professionals who are in the playing card and games industry requiring top quality or simply for people who would like professional playing cards card stock for their prints.

M32 master quality card stock with black core (linen air finish)
M32 master quality card stock with black core (linen air finish) [see more details...]

Our top of the range paper card stock is the M32 linen air option. It's similar to our M31 linen cardstock but the card surface embossing (air pockets) are further defined which traps more air to provide an unparalleled smoothness in card handling. These cards are very durable, beautiful with top notch handling which make them MPC's top pick. This option carries a minimum order quantity of 1000 decks and will be printed on traditional offset printers with solid color output. This is perfect for people who require the absolute best in quality on playing cards and demand that their cards perform as professionally as they look. Great for Kickstarter projects, cardists and magicians.

A35 thick standard card stock
A35 thick standard card stock [see more details...]

The A35 card stock is the thickest and heaviest card stock that we have as a standard at MPC. Unlike our other card stock options, the A35 contains no core. Perfect for card game and board game designers who need cards that are thicker and heavier than standard playing card stock.

P10 100% premium white plastic card stock
P10 100% premium white plastic card stock [see more details...]

Our P10 plastic playing cards are 100% white plastic with a thickness of 13pt. Very long lasting, slippery and excellent handling. Completely waterproof and stays in shape even with the roughest of handlers. Top choice for customers looking for premium top of the range cardstock that will last the test of time and something different to traditional paper playing cards.

E27 eco-herbage sustainable card stock
E27 eco-herbage sustainable card stock [see more details...]

Herbage paper is a more sustainable form of paper and is made from herbaceous plants such as grass and leafy parts of plants used for pasturage. Natural brown tint color with visible fibres which adds a touch of naturalness and earth feel to your decks.

Packaging / Boxes

Each deck of cards is shrink-wrapped with optional packaging / box for each deck:

  • White tuck box: available for all card ranges
  • White window tuck box: available for all card ranges
  • Plastic box: only available for poker size and bridge size playing cards
  • Custom printed tuck box: available for bridge, poker and tarot sizes with a minimum order of 100
Shrink-wrapped playing cards
playing cards tuck box
Plain tuck box
playing cards plastic case
Plastic case with lid
custom tuck box
Custom tuck box (poker size)
custom tuck box sample
Custom tuckbox (bridge size)
custom large tuck box
Custom tuckbox (large size)

Each box is also individually shrink-wrapped prior to being securely packed for delivery.

See video of a sample deck of cards

Bendable cards

All our cards are printed on high quality material with an inner black core layer rendering them non-see-through. Our playing cards are also fully bendable from end to end without creasing or going out of shape which you can see from the video demonstation below. Whether you choose smooth or linen finish, the flexiblity of the cards are the same so you can be rest assured your cards will last the test of time and robust enough for any use.

How well do our cards handle?

The quality of our cards are one of the best in the games industry, having spent the last 32 years perfecting them from sourcing cardstock, production, printing right through to applying the end finishing. We put our cards through the test with a seasoned card player to show you how well they perform.

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Customer Testimonials

"I absolutely love MPC. I find the online system easy to use, I've made 3 packs of cards now, the quality is excellent. I didn't have to worry about CMYK .. the cards slide just as playing cards should. With no minimum order I can print a single pack to test my game mechanics before committing. I have no hesitation in recommending MPC."
Bob Soutar, portsmouth United Kingdom, June 16, 2021
"Creation of something precious takes time. When it comes to a Game, or in my case, the creation of a Tarot Deck for my wife, months went into it. MPC made getting them built to spec, printed on high quality materials, and getting them in time for her birthday something easy and wonderful. She loved them. And I am grateful to the creators of the site for making the UI so painless. "
Brandon De VITO, Arvada United States/Colorado, May 21, 2020
Over 40 Years in the Games Printing Industry. No minimum order!