Casino Playing Cards Samples

Casinos choose for professional casino quality card and printing quality

Why Choose MPC?

We print playing cards for the gaming industry such as casinos. They choose us because of our professional printing skills, technology and our strong history in this field.

Our cards comes in 5 different materials:

  • Promotional (270gsm) - blue centre core
  • Smooth finish (300gsm) - blue centre core
  • Linen finish (310gsm) - black centre core
  • Linen Air finish (310gsm) - black centre core
  • Plastic 100% (13pt)
High Quality Playing Cards

Our smooth cards are standard playing cards with a centre blue core layer and are perfect for printing where clients do not need their cards to be completely non-see-through even with a torch shone through them. The linen finish is the professional casino type quality playing cards and has a black core centre layer which means they are completely non-see-through, even when a high intensity light is shone through it. This is the de facto standard for casino playing cards.

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