The Pet Peenie Poker Chip for the Marijuana Lover I

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Custom Two Tone Green Casino Chip
  • Size: 1.6'' x 1.6'' (40mm x 40mm)
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The Pet Peenie Poker Chip for the Marijuana Lover I WHO are the Pet Peenies? The Pet Peenies are custom made anatomically correct crocheted penis, which then get named and, characterized. The Pet Peenies come in two size approximations 9-inch and 3-inch. Peenie Town USA (PTUSA) is the home of the Big 9-inch and Little 3-inch Pet Peenies. PTUSA is located in the High Desert in Southern California. It is an exclusive gated community where NO in-betweeners are allowed.

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Designed by: Mary D. Scott
The Pet Peenies Playing Cards and Poker Chips
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