Frequently Asked Questions

How to sell your decks

  • Q. How do I get started selling playing cards?

    A. Before selling playing cards with your designs on MPC MarketPlace, all you need to do is register a free account with us. After that, you simply go through our easy process of selecting the playing card size/shape and specifications (such as card stock and box) that you want to upload your design to with our online cards builder. You then setup your shop by giving it a name and filling in certain parameters and then submit the design for us to approve. Once we have approved your design, it will be available for sale in our MarketPlace. That's it! MPC takes care of the order fulfillment and customer service for you.

    Futher details on starting a shop on MPC.

    Q. What can I sell?

    You can sell anything you designed and created on MPC including playing cards, game cards, custom boxes, custom chips and seals.

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