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Kep Jekura

The latest card print projects from Furocious Studios. For more info on Furocious Studios visit furocious [dot] com Currently we are featuring the Corellian Spike variant of Sabacc. Additionally in our deck there are seven custom classic cards to spice up your game. These are especially great if you decided to play to +/-23 instead of 0. Our Sabacc Card List: Three Suits (1-10) consisting of Triangles, Squares, and Dots. Four Sylops (0 aka idiot). Only two cards are official, the two extra cards are for cheating. Seven Bonus Classic Cards found in SW Legends. One of each face cards have suggested values as follows: The Queen of Air and Darkness -2, Demise -13, The Evil One -15, Balance +/- 11, Endurance +8, Moderation +14, The Star +17, One Blank (make up a card with your own house rules).

Playing Cards

Corellian's Sabacc Deck

Playing Cards

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