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Richard D. Rush

This deck consists of 52 conventional playing cards plus two jokers. However, the flip side of each playing card contains a single stylized capital letter of the English alphabet. Therefore, the deck still functions as a normal deck of playing cards. But the same deck can also be used to spell words. Each full alphabet in English contains 26 letters, from A to Z. If we use the 26 BLACK suited cards (clubs and spades), the flip side of each card could contain a unique single letter of the alphabet. The same is true for the 26 RED suited cards (hearts and diamonds). However, the sequential letters of the alphabet could soon be used in a card game to telegraph the value of the card on its other face. So instead we used the letters of the alphabet that spell the 13 names of the cards themselves - ACE, TWO, THREE ... etc. one letter per card. It takes exactly 52 cards to do so! Similarly, it takes only 40 cards arranged like a CROSSWORD PUZZLE. Use this deck or one of your own.

Playing Cards