Impressions Standard Ed. Playing Cards

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  • 310gsm Linen Air card stock
  • Linen finish with air pockets and contains a black core centre layer
  • Raised high gloss UV printing on card faces and on tuck box
  • 55 cards (52 cards plus 2 jokers plus an MPC card)
  • Standard face deck
  • MPC tree back with border
  • Special varnish for great handling
  • Box cellowrapped
  • Buy 1 deck for $14.95. Contact us for bulk purchase.

The MPC Impressions Standard Edition Playing Cards is the 1st ever deck with raised UV ink printed on each card face. The high gloss effect is added using state of the art printing technology which is very new to the printing industry. The effect is a very attractive shine on the art work of the cards which can be touched and felt as well as played. These playing cards are very much playable as much focus was put into the playability factor so these cards can handle as beautifully as they look. The Impressions decks are the first of its in the playing cards industry and has never been done before. MPC has pioneered this beautiful concept where players can admire, touch as well as play these cards. First made available on Kickstarter. See the project here.

Buy 1 deck for . Contact us for bulk purchase.

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