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Hex Deck Custom Blank Cards

Hex Deck Custom Blank Cards

Card size

1.25''x1.75'' (31.8×44.5mm)
1.75''x2.5'' (44.45×63.5mm)
1.75''x3.5'' (44.45×88.9mm)
2''x2'' (50.8×50.8mm)
2''x3.5'' (50.8×88.9mm)
2.2''x3.43'' (56×87mm)
2.25''x3.5'' (57×89mm)
2.45''x3.95'' (62×100mm)
2.48''x3.46'' (63×88mm)
2.5''x2.5'' (63.5×63.5mm)
2.5''x3.5'' (63.5×89mm)
2.75''x2.75'' (70×70mm)
2.75''x4.75'' (70×120mm)
3.25''x3.7'' (82.55×94mm)
3.5''x3.5'' (88.9×88.9mm)
3.5''x5.75'' (89×146mm)
5''x7'' (127×178mm)

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