Custom Playing Cards and Trading Game Cards

Start by choosing what to customize

Our wide range of professionally printed playing cards and game cards at prices to suit all budgets and company needs are listed as follows.

Separated by types of customization:

photo playing cards

Custom back

Enhance your brand visibility with those enjoying a game of cards by customizing the back with your images/artwork and text to suit your corporate style – be it vibrant, strong, stylish, tantalizing or elegant! Perfect for any purpose.

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playing card template

Custom face and back

This range offers extra room for creativity - print your image files on both sides and decide how you want to customize e.g. same image for each suit/number, different/same image for each card, or even each card individually customized both back and front.

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personalize playing cards

Card color & add text

For those who prefer to customize the backs of a deck of playing cards without images/artwork – choose a background colour from our palette of 35 colours and personalize with your very own text.

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blank playing cards

Custom blank cards

This range are blank cards, allowing you to tailor both the back and front, each individually in any way you like. Perfect for custom made trading cards and game cards or for those looking to create a unique deck of cards for any purpose. Up to 612 cards per deck available.

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Separated by card size:

bridge playing cards

Bridge size playing cards

Bridge sized playing cards are 2.25" x 3.5" in size and are commonly used in casinos as they are a little slimmer and easier to handle. We have these cards both in premium qaulity and casino quality to suit your needs.

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poker playing cards

Poker size playing cards

Poker sized playing cards measures 2.5" x 3.5" and are perfect for game play, marketing promotional campaign printing and for printing photos and designs on. Popular for retail reselling as family game cards and collection cards too!

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large playing cards

Big size playing cards

For those who wish to present their prints in a larger format, our supersized playing cards can double the size of your ads without doubling the costs.

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custom tarot cards

Tarot size cards

Are you into tarot cards reading? Personalize your own sets of tarot cards with your own design and fully personalize your card reading services.

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custom mini cards

Mini size cards

Create decks of customized mini cards for your business needs saving you cost and space.

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custom hex tiles

Hex card tiles

Customized hex cards are great for dynamic games that require placing hex tiles during game play.

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custom round playing cards

Rounded cards

Create round shaped playing cards for your own game or simply for photos.

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custom large square cards

Large square card tiles

Custom printed square cards are popular for many board games and now you can create yours too with no minimum.

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custom micro board game cards

Micro card tiles

Custom micro size game card tiles are perfect for game designers creating their playing pieces or for a micro card game.

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custom business game cards

Business card size

Some games prefer business card sized cards but with rounded corners which is exactly what we have here for you.

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custom domino cards

Domino size cards

Create your own domino card deck using our customizable domino sized cards on our online maker.

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custom square cards

Square size cards

Square card tiles are a popular choice for many board games and our standardized 2 inch square tiles can be personalized back and front.

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custom trump cards

Trump cards

Make your own trumps card game custom printed with your own theme and photos.

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US game size

US game size cards

A popular size of game cards used in the US dubbed the US game deck size cards as used in many popular card games Now available for customization.

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2.5inch Square size cards

2.5" Square size cards

Square size game cards are a popular shape. This option is slightly larger than our smallest square size cards and is the 2nd smallest in our range of 4 sizes.

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2.75 inch Square size cards

2.75" Square size cards

This option is our 2nd largest custom square shaped game cards in our range of 4 sizes and is a good choice for many game designers.

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Giant size cards

Giant size cards

This is our largest custom card size option, offering plenty of space for interesting card designs.

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custom size cards

Custom requirements

If our standard cards don't fit your requirements and you have specific specifications that you need such as custom card sizes, shapes, number of cards, foil stamping, embossing, holographic, gold gilt edged, etc, we can manufacture it for you.

Separated by category:

custom plastic playing cards

100% plastic cards

Create your playing cards using the very best 100% 13pt plastic material providing better handling, quality and longer lasting.

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custom pinochle cards

Pinochle cards

Customize your own popular Pinochle card sets containing 48 cards consisting 2 sets of 9, 10, J, Q, K, A cards for each suit

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wedding playing cards

Wedding pattern

As a 3-in-1 gift (photo album, greeting card, and countless hours of fun and games) this range is great as save the date cards, wedding invitations, and compact photo album/party favor. It's also popular for anniversaries and baby showers.

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Braille playing cards

Braille playing cards

We have 2 types of techniques for Braille playing cards to allow the visually impaired and the blind to play cards.

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monogrammed playing cards

Monogrammed cards

Add your name or initials onto personalized monogrammed playing cards. We have attractive design templates for you to choose from or you can upload your own.

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Lenticular card

Lenticular cards

Make animated cards with a flip flop image action where the image displayed on the card changes when viewed at different angles. Great as gifts or for promotional activities.

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playing card boxes


Complete your personalized deck of cards with a standard or customize box. We stock plastic and tin boxes too as well as brick boxes for package sets and display purposes.

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Custom Booklets

Custom Booklets

Do you need to explain your card game? If you do, you will need a custom instruction or details booklet to go with your cards game set.

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blank playing cards decks

Blank card decks

Blank card decks are great for prototyping on and to use as flash cards. We stock a variety of popular sizes and uses 300gsm blue core professional card stock.

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playing cards sticker seals

Box sticker seals

Sealing your playing cards tuck box with a custom sticker seal is an absolute must for any professional deck of cards. It's the mark of authenticity and completeness. Our sticker sheets contains 48 permanent seals with a slight gloss finish. Gold foil stamped seals also available.

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playing cards brick boxes

Brick boxes

Brick boxes are the perfect pacakaging for 6 or 12 decks of poker sized cards and can transform into a beautiful display stand. Choose between custom printed bricks or plain white and comes in half or full sizes too.

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custom piuncut sheets

Uncut sheets

Uncut sheets are playing cards before being cut into their individual cards. These are a must for any cards designer and collector and a highly sought after item on Kickstarter projects.

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MPC playing cards decks

MPC® decks

Using our 30 years experience in games production, we have released the much anticipated MPC® playing cards. Using refined printing and production processes, improved card stock and finishing, this deck has been highly praised by professionals. Get yourself a deck today!

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MPC Custom Chips

Custom Chips

Make your own custom casino poker chips printed with your business logo, design or photos. Our composite clay poker chips can be customized on both sides with 2 chip designs to choose from. No minimum order required.

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MPC Custom Card Sleeves

Card Sleeves

Protect your game cards from dirt, stains and damage with our super clear card sleeve pockets with tight fit.

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Smooth, Linen (Air Pocketed) or Plastic Cards

We have four types of cardstock. Our most basic cardstock is the promotional 270gsm blue core which is perfect for promotional giveaways but still with excellent qaulity. Smooth finish on 300 gsm cardstock with blue core are popular for normal printing and card playing use. Linen finish on 310 gsm French cardstock and MPC's Linen air (Master quality finish) on 310gsm with black core are the top and sought after options for paper material with the best handling. Casinos around the world prefer the linen version as this type offers enhanced durability and tend to be scratch proof. We also have in our range the 100% 13pt plastic premium cards which are completely water proof and premium quality. A top choice for people who are looking for great handling and top print quality to last a long time.

Custom playing cards and trading game cards suited for any industry

For casinos and those operating in board game businesses and retail / wholesalers of premium casino grade playing cards and game cards – start customizing your game playing cards with your design, photos or simply your logo on a choice of 270/300/310 gsm or plastic card stock. Our 310gsm is our top paper card stock imported from France and Germany, comes in conventional linen finish (air pockets) and black core layer in the center rendering them non-see-through. Our strict standards and expertise in colour-proofing, printing and coating will ensure your orders are delivered to the highest standards at all times.

We are a major printer and manufacturer of many high street board game and card game brands so if you're a budding game designer looking for a high quality game card manufacturer to print your custom game cards at low costs and with no minimum order, you've come to the right place. We have many options for your to design your own card games on. if you can't find what you need, contact us for tailor-made solutions, or if you need help on designing your game cards or board games, contact us to see what we can offer you.

If you’re in the marketing / promotion industry and looking for ways to deliver more brand impact, then you’ll be pleased to know we have a solution at a price to meet your budget. You also probably know that fun enhances the learning and memory process and to stay ahead of competition - you need to stand out. Start exploring how you can add a creative twist to conventional corporate literature and gifts.

Alternatively if you’re looking to customize game cards or playing cards for resale – explore how you can present your decks as a souvenir or as a memorabilia item in a neat and compact way…read more. We also provide solutions for those working in the wedding industry and those who wish to further enhance their brand with post-event photos.

Our blank cards are perfect for those looking to make their own custom game cards and trading cards with full color printing on both sides with deck sizes of up to 234 cards.

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