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MetaIntegral is dedicated to the design of Wisdom Economies which are accounting systems that integrate multiple types of impact, multiple forms of capital, and multiple bottom lines. The MetaImpact Framework lies at the heart of our approach to preserving the wholeness of individuals and systems. The MetaImpact Wisdom Economy Card Deck with its nearly 60 cards is a great way to engage with, learn and apply, the four types of impact, the ten capitals, the three types of data, and the four bottom lines discovering how these important dimensions of Wisdom Economies are interrelated in a playful way. The card deck was designed by MetaIntegral in collaboration with Kristian Simsarian, Ph.D. Chair of the Interactive Design MA at the California College of the Arts (CCA) and founder of Collective Creativity, and Lilia Rustom, a design student at CCA. MetaIntegral is a global transdisciplinary design firm supporting visionary leaders, teams, and organizations to Be IMPACT.

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