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Tara Mitruk

Hi Im Tara. Ive been a Psychic Intuitive all my life. From a very young age I have been able to See & Sense Spirit as well as other subtle Energies, feel & know things about people, and have always had a deep connection with Animals and Nature. After loosing my Mom at a young age, the Universe took me under its wing and has been guiding me on this incredible journey ever since. I genuinely want to help Empower you to make the Best Choices possible for Your Life. I am a TRUTH SEEKER and have Created these Oracle Decks with the Intention of utilizing Them as a Conduit that bridges the Connection to TRUTH via Your Intuition and Higher Self, as well as Divine Light Beings and the Wisdom of the Universe. Aways trust your own intuitive guidance Above ALL Else... regardless of the messages on the cards. May These Oracle Decks Serve You Well Tara xo

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