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Hi, my name is Valkyrja Vördr Raina. I am an Anointed Norse Priestess, Valkyrie of the Veil. For much of my life I have also been an artist- a painter, a photographer, a singer, dancer. Now, in my work with the spirits, I have created these card decks to create deeper understanding in my relationships with the spirits, the Runes, and other forms of spirituality. I personally use these card decks for myself, for clients, and the collective readings I do on the TikTok social media platform. It is an honor and great Joy to bring these gifts and offerings to you. If you do end up buying a deck from me, I send my Love & Gratitude to you personally and in great gravity, length, and strength. Your support allows me to continue to commune with, work with, and serve the spirits both in this lifetime and thereafter. May your path be warded in Love, Valkyrja Vördr Raina

Playing Cards

Wyrd Tarot Divination Cards

Playing Cards

Rune Divination Card Deck of the Trees