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Leslie Riopel

This shop is designed for anyone going through upheavals and challenges. Our content is meant to uplift and inspire. We support anything and everything related to having fun and sur-thriving in a challenging new world. At Planet Blessed and Ultimate Destinyland, we are committed to promoting personal and planetary sustainability to make the world a better place and help the world Sur-Thrive in the New Normal. We believe it is possible to adapt in a changing world you just have to make it a daily habit. You can't give up. You need to think positively and live with a sense of hope. Our unique mindfulness exercises are specifically designed to help you overcome challenges and live a more peaceful, productive life. As we journey through this beautiful, challenging, wonderful, awe-inspiring place called Planet Earth we have to remember to "Bless the Mess" and cultivate a sense of gratitude. We have to start imagining and affirming that we are actually living on Planet Blessed!

Playing Cards

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Playing Cards

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