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The Self Esteem Doctor

The Self Esteem Doctor(TSED) is an innovative motivational speaker, self-esteem coach and founder of The Self Esteem Doctor Academy. The TSED Card Store features games and motivational cards designed to enhance self-esteem for any age. A powerful blend of Neuro Linguistic Programming, appreciation, inspiration, positive focusing tools are the dominant tools in The Self Esteem Doctor's work. Appreciate the journey and enjoy the results! As a self-esteem coach,The Self Esteem Doctor specializes in working with kids through online courses, group coaching and private sessions. The Self Esteem Doctor has helped countless children to reprogram their mindset into a more confident and positive attitude. Parents are thrilled, kids are happy and teens are hopefully enjoying life because The Self Esteem Doctor's tools work! Now available in fun games inspirational cards, healthy self-esteem & confident results are spreading to all who are ready to receive it! Full Self-Esteem Ahead!

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Appreciation Game, Expanded Deluxe

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Confidently Where I Belong Inspirational Cards