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Tina T. Ames

Tina Tompkins Ames was born and raised in upstate NY. Classically trained in the arts, she received her degree in the late 80’s. While raising two sons with her husband - she created many businesses including a Frame Shop/Gallery, Cafe, Gift Shop and Cookie Company . . . selling them successfully years later to move into the corporate world. This break from the entrepreneurial/creative world into the corporate field did not allow time for Tina to create. A bad case of Shingles forced her to stay in bed for several months – allowing her to start “doodling” again with what she had - markers and paper. You can read some of her journey on the blog Courageous Chick. This “Gift of Shingles” as she calls it made her realize that her true wish was to return to the creative world. In 2014 she founded Artsy Inspirations - a healing arts company. In 2015 she branched off into .tinatames. Her whimsical images on prints, note cards and a card deck can be found around the world.

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