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Master Marie Georgina

High Vibrational Oracle Card decks feature spiritually channeled oracle messages and original artwork to uplift consciousness. Created by Spiritual Teacher and Psychic Medium Marie Georgina, a visionary who channels high vibrational energies into empowering imagery, each card contains insights to illuminate one's inner journey toward harmony and union -- Infusing the cover art with energetic activations! "Live without fear by connecting back to the Truth of your innermost being through presence. As a Master Spiritual Teacher, I seek to empower other Spiritual Teachers to connect with their deepest inner wisdom, rather than impose external dogmas. I believe we each possess an inner guru with a unique spiritual path. My role is to illuminate the light within you, guiding your exploration of the rich inner world that resides in us all while honoring your human experience. Together, we can uncover the power of your spirituality to reveal the full path you were born to walk."

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Goddess Guidance Oracle

Playing Cards

Divine Love Oracle for Higher Love