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Ingie Moran and Dom Alcorn

The first deck published here is the Elder Futhark Rune cards. This deck comes in 2 different sizes, a mini deck or a standard tarot sized deck. The mini deck comes in a cardboard box, while the tarot sized deck, comes in a tin box. The other deck is the 'Master your life with the Norse Gods and Goddesses' Oracle deck. This deck has 22 cards and can be purchased as a standard sized deck in a tin box. This deck was first published in 2010 in a small number. This deck is now available again only here. Learn more about Ingie on my Tarotingie website where I teach everything I know about the tarot, Runes, and Lenormand. You can also get free readings here, including a free coffee cup reading.

Playing Cards

Elder Futhark Cards

Playing Cards

Norse Gods and Goddesses Oracle Cards

Playing Cards

Elder Futhark Rune Cards (miniature)