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The Cosmic Messenger

Metamorphosis Oracle Deck Features: 55 - Ultra Premium Cards 187 Page - Spiritual Guidebook Energy Encoded Magnetic Book Box Each card has an omega activation & embodiment practice + no 2 are even close to the same. This is an activation/empowerment deck bathing in 5th dimensional frequencies. *Created By: Derek Pennett 'Lightbody Technician' :: The Cosmic Messenger* Purchases/orders/shipping can all be made via this one stop sacred shop: single purchase, small to large volumes orders for owners of metaphysical shops, book/game suppliers or for those who sell oracle decks at spiritual based markets. The more you order the cost goes way down. This is a print on demand site! Individual Single or Small Orders: For the cost of an average single energy healing treatment, you can have an oracle deck that will grow & journey with you for this entire incarnation + keep you resonating at max capacity + keep you all tuned up.. Sacred Website: slinktr.ee/thecosmicmessenger

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Metamorphosis Oracle