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These cards are meant to assist in the practice of Remote Viewing (RV). Like basic RV, they are focused around abstract descriptors which can be communicated by the subconscious mind (adjectives rather than nouns). How do they work? They work the same way as Tarot cards - by giving the subconscious mind, which has access to all information in the universe (aka the Akashic Records), a means of communication through control of very fine muscle movements that determine the outcome when shuffling cards. How do I use them? These cards are a tool (and a toy) that you can use however you see fit, but they would likely be used similarly to Tarot cards, so if you've done Tarot reading, you already know what to do - program them, shuffle, deal, and also watch for jumpers. You can also try it concurrently with the usual RV exercise - Get into a meditative state, empty your mind, and wait for hints about the target, then pick your cards and see if they agree with your intuition.

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