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Robin Pool

Go to our website Spiritsaid for the Oracle Card Meaning Ebook for your deck! Uplifting, constructive oracle card interpretations recognize potential obstacles and suggestions for how to meet them. If you're looking for encouraging messages and wise direction for life's adventures, Spiritsaid divination tools are for you! Is life an adventure or an ordeal? It all depends on your attitude! At Spiritsaid, we believe in exploration, expanding your horizons, and meeting the occasional bumps in the road with good humor and strong shock absorbers. Need a map? Connecting with your spiritual wisdom and higher self is a great way to make sure you're heading in the right direction. Like people, objects can be reborn with a higher purpose. Images utilize biodegradable materials - like recycled boxes and discarded magazines - to minimize environmental impact.

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The Natural Elder Futhark Rune Chakra Deck with Box