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Marcus DiBernardo

Coach DiBernardo is a global soccer educator who connects academic theory to practice sessions design and principles of play. His methodology focuses on using constraints in game-based trainings where players make maximum meaningful decisions on the ball. Our game model cards are literally a seasons worth of trainings and tactics that fit right in your pocket. Your players will love the practices. We will be selling our positional play. formations, and rondo decks very soon. The constraints based training method creates practice environments where certain opportunities for action are available while others are not. If players are always allowed absolute freedom they will solve problems the same ways, limiting their growth. By creating unstable training environments, players will need to perceive differently in order to come up with new flexible solutions to problems. Constraints can be used to teach traditional things like tactics & positioning or to add overall complexity.

Playing Cards

7v7 Game Model DiBernardo Method

Playing Cards

9v9 Game Model DiBernardo Method

Playing Cards

4v4 Game Model DiBernardo Method