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Saint Taj Valintyn

Oracle decks are the universes way of bringing messages into the word through physical form. We all see a card but it will have a different meaning to all that touches it. It's time we share our messages and learn to trust our intuition. We are never limited to the structure that is already in place by inspired to color outside of the lines and create a new meaning of our own. That is my intention for making my many decks and for sharing them with you all! To check out my videos where i teach about tarot, do collective readings and relay intuitive message, subscribe to my YT channel "Saint's Syt" and feel free to tag me in your videos where you are using one of my decks! Sending you so much love and I pray these decks provide you with the inspiration you've always wanted or needed!

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When Venus is in Gemini Oracle

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Saint's Lov Affirmative Oracle

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Ryain's Oracle