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Sheranda Ann Kumara

Visionary Silk Painter, Sheranda Ann Kumara paints images of Goddesses and Angels to facilitate planetary healing. She received an AA degree in Fashion Design in 1984, which transformed into a love for painting on silk. For 30 years, Sheranda has painted with dyes on silk. Silk is alive and holds energy of transformation and healing; that is why she chose silk painting as her fine art medium. Healing the Divine Feminine is the focus of her art, along with raising the awareness that Mary Magdalene and Christ are presently helping us to reach spiritual mastery, to create Heaven on Earth. Sheranda Ann Kumara considers her spiritual ancestry to be connected to the planet Venus. She enjoys spending time with her new creations that emerge from her dreams. Her oracle card decks have sold across the globe, and she welcomes you to visit her website: sherandasilks. Her international customers can buy her oracle decks here, and the guidebooks that go with them, on .amazon.

Playing Cards

Twin Flame Wisdom Oracle

Playing Cards

The MagdaLion Oracle