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Courtney Q

My card games are for ENTERTAINMENT purposes only. I do not recommend you doing anything that makes you feel uncomfortable and do not support pressuring individuals into playing the game if they are uncomfortable doing so. My games are designed as adult "drinking games" for ages 21+ but can be played without alcohol consumption. I disclaim all liability for any cases of accidents, injuries, or loss due to using and/or playing this game. I do not recommend alcohol misuse, including excessive consumption, binge drinking, drinking and driving/boating, drinking while pregnant, and/or underage drinking. It is the player's responsibility to monitor their alcohol consumption. I insist all players to make adequate transportation arrangements BEFORE playing. By purchasing this card game, you affirm that you are of legal drinking age for your specific region. I do not assume liability for those who disobey their local laws regarding any activity or idea drawn from this game.

Playing Cards

Lets Get Shwasted - AFFORDABLE

Playing Cards

Let's Get Shwasted - ORIGINAL