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Psychology and Healing Shop Space

Aakansha Sharma

I am a Mental Health Counsellor and Energetic Healer. I am also a Divine Feminine on the Twin Flame Journey. My soul journey and life purpose is to empower others to heal and teach them about unconditional love. Besides providing counselling through my counselling training, I introduced Spiritual Readings. I am Spiritually woke and thus and I am able to connect and read tarot and oracle cards. I am aware that some people want some answers before working on any Mental Health Issues. I am able to pick up on an overall energy of the clients situation. Some clients get clarity from the Spiritual Reading and work on themselves. Others require additional assistance with counselling. Some prefer only counselling. No one key fits all. It is all about an individuals comfort level and it would be a pleasure to provide a mix of both or just one based on an individuals personal situation.

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A Visual Oracle Guide to Balance Your Feminine and Masculine Energies

Playing Cards

Heart to Heart messages through music

Playing Cards

Self-Love and Empowerment Divine Messages