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Oracle Cards designed by Laura from Pleiadian Healer. These are Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Messages - used to clarify your Twin Flame Journey or to receive daily messages from your divine counterpart. My decks contain divinely channeled guidance from the Twin Flame Collective from both divine counterparts. These messages greatly help you on your TF path and journey. They are uplifting, personal and loving. For more divine guidance, please check me out on my website pleiadianhealercom. Follow me on Youtube at pleiadianhealer and pleiadianhealertarotcards for weekly guidance readings using my own decks. And follow me on all other social media platforms (IG + Facebook), if desired. Thanks for stopping by and your support.

Playing Cards

Divine Masculine Messages by Pleiadian Healer

Playing Cards

Divine Feminine Messages by Pleiadian Healer