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Phoenix and Peacock Shop Space

Kimberly Betz

WHY A PHOENIX AND PEACOCK FOR MY BUSINESS NAME? In my early adult years I started out as a fabulous peacock. I took care of all my feathers and wasnt afraid to share them. Little by little I let people take them one by one, my beautiful feathers. Each feather lost represented a lie, a betrayal, disapointment, friends that were not true friends, dark times, depression, insecurity along with very dark nights. Eventually all my beautiful fathers were gone. I was a shadow of myself and I didnt recognize who I was, nor did I know what I was. Was I still a peacock? I certainly did not feel like a beautiful peacock. My pride and joy, my feathers were gone. After 30 years, I finally realized that I needed to get my beautiful feathers back. To get my identity back. To re-establish my confidence, the sense of me, and no longer be ashamed of who I was and to speak my truth. This shop is dedicated to living as our true selves!

Playing Cards

Journey of the Soul Tarot Deck with Keywords