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The "Astrology Game of Cards" was designed to play familiar card games for fun while easily learning beginning Astrology. There are 48 cards for play and 4 Helper Cards. Rules: Play Astro-Rummy with the 12 Zodiac Signs by picking up and discarding a card on your turn, while trying to get 2 sets of 4 informative cards. Win by being first to get your 2 zodiac sets. You can play many more games such as: Birthsign Rummy, Elements and Qualities Rummy, Zodiac War, Pisces Go-Fish, Libra-Up, Zodiac Match-Game, Rob the Astro-deck, and more. Play Zodiac Solitaire by laying out 7 rows. Use Signs instead of Suits. Taurus will go on Aries, and continue on to Pisces. Pisces also fills empty spots. The 4 Aries then go up top followed by each consecutive sign. These are not playing cards with pictures added. Each card is specifically designed as a fun learning tool. People tell us they love our cards! Please click on the card below for more information about purchasing.

Playing Cards

The Astrology Game of Cards