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Nelda Alvarez

Jyotisha, the Sanskrit word for insight to your highest self! Vedic Astrology is a transformational system of self awareness, aligning yourself to your highest life purpose and the meaning of your life. This Jyotisha Card Deck acts as a system to practice and memorize the foundational knowledge of Vedic Astrology. The ancient sacred Vedic Science is vast and require years of study and research. I have taken the fundamental vocabulary needed to begin to read, understand and interpret your Vedic Natal Chart. It is a 60 card deck divided into 4 sections, the Graha (planets), Rashi (constellations), Bhava (houses) and nakshatra (lunar mansions). As you lay the beautiful cards out matching your Vedic Natal Chart, you will visualize and realize how you have been celestially imprinted the moment of your birth. Seeing and feeling the majesty of the highest potential you were meant to live in this lifetime will initiate your transformation! Om to Bliss!

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Master Vedic Astrology with Jyotisha Deck