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New Ascension Rites Symbol Cards Shop Space

Olivia Weil and Jon Rasmussen

These 64 symbol cards are a companion deck to the New Ascension Rites Online Course - channeled material that is available for people from all walks of life from using the tools for personal improvement, whether or not you have ever engaged in any other healing modalities or spiritual practices before, to professional healers, coaches and influencers to help their clients. The symbol cards contain and transmit the energies they represent, and can be used in many ways as outlined in the course. We went looking for the new archetypes, cosmologies and ascended masters...and they found us. They gave us a map and a set of rites to share with you through a series of transmissions, wisdom teachings and combinations of very special and simple movements, codes and symbols. These rites allow us to move beyond the beyond and pull the present in that direction. This is farther than we have ever gone before so that the pull to a new and greater destiny is as strong as it can be.

Playing Cards

Symbols of the New Ascension Rites