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Necole Livingston

I am a Spiritual Advisor and Master Manifestor. I teach and coach Spiritual Guidance. The products you will find here are all channeled from Spirit and Spirit is God for me. I believe in all of Divine Source's Manifestations of God, Ascended Masters, Heavenly Angels and Divine Spiritual Guides. I pray for my Ancestors and they pray for me. I encourage my clients as well as you to do the same because we are their legacy and they want us to succeed as much as we want to in this life time I searched and could not find what Spirit was sharing with me so I created my own oracle and inspirational decks. Not all tarot or Spiritual tools should be touched or allowed into your home or around you or your family. Use your intuition and acknowledge the energy you feel. Always practice Spiritual Safety. My products are created with love and hugs and all things of The Most High - God. I love you! Many Blessings, Necole XO

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