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Eva Maria Hunt

Hi, I am Eva, energy therapist, consciousness coach, artist and intuitive, a multi-passionate creative. I have been working in the holistic healing arena since 2010. My aim is to connect people with their soul to love & thrive. I am known on You Tube, as Moon Goddess Oracle * Soul Reader, on IG, as evamariahuntart. I've been channelling from the Divine in many different ways: as a Reiki healer, a spiritual artist & card reader. My channelled paintings contain encoded messages that are moving the viewers emotionally. Here is how one of my clients experienced my artwork: "As I looked at one of Eva's healing art I could feel the energy of it coming off the page. I found the tears started to prick the back of my eyes & my heart began to swell. I have never reacted to a piece of art in quite this way before... Eva had somehow managed to incorporate a huge amount of healing energy into her work. A truly unique experience and testament to the power of her work." Lesley B.

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