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Eva Maria Hunt

Eva is a spiritual guide, energy healer, and creative, helping individuals to connect with their intuition, navigate the spiritual realms & break free from the matrix. Her artworks act, as energy portals. Magic happens when you step into them! Her paintings hold certain energy frequencies she channels from the Universe. As you observe her artworks, you soak up these energies, which start interacting with your energy field. Here is how one of her clients experienced her artwork: As I looked at one of Evas healing art I could feel the energy of it coming off the page I found the tears started to prick the back of my eyes & my heart began to swell. I have never reacted to a piece of art in quite this way before. Eva had somehow managed to incorporate a huge amount of healing energy into her artwork and as I looked at it I was able to receive it. A truly unique experience and a testament to the power of her work."

Playing Cards

Heavenly Helpers Channelled Oracle Cards

Playing Cards

Moon Goddess Oracle Deck 2024 edition