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Alina Trelesnik

Metaphorical Associative Cards (MAC) is a collection of images that can have people, portraits, situations, abstract lines, stories, or interactions between people. Our subconscious communicates with us in the language of images, symbols, and metaphors. This means that to find answers using MAC, looking for them through the prism of life situations onto images seen on the cards is very effective. MAC represent a projective work method in psychology and coaching practice that assists in peeking into the subconscious and find answers there quickly, gently, and, most importantly, in a friendly, non-threatening manner. It is important to know and remember that, when working with MAC, there are no right or wrong answers. What a user sees on a picture is to be taken at its face value and interpreted according to that person's associations that will vary from one user to another. The rule of thumb is, the picture only represents what the user sees on it, not what anyone else would see.

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