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Lorena Fernandez

The LF Maturity Cards game is designed to improve inner observation and reflection which in turn will help you solve problems and navigate complex situations. It allows players to think in new ways about any problem. New perspectives and surprising solutions can come to light. Each of the cards deals with a recurrent topic in the life of humans. In making the cards I wanted to create an easy system to help you find your own wisdom by moving the lens of perception slightly off your usual place. The cards work in conjunction with layouts in which every position represents a different aspect or perspective of the issue you are exploring. In the back of the cards there is an image of the time when I was working on o big painting called "Maturity." Maturity, in human life, is a productive, creative time, a time of service and a time of encountering challenges. These cards are meant to be helpful in that time.

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LF Maturity Card Game