The Simulation Tarot

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  • Size: 2.75'' x 4.75'' (70mm x 120mm)
  • Number of cards: 78
  • Card stock:(S30) Standard Smooth
  • Packaging: Tin box
  • No minimum purchase. Buy 1 for . (Note: applies to all card stock options except M30 (linen air light) and M32 (linen air) which carries a minimum of 1000 decks)

Have you ever considered the possibility that the reality you experience everyday is a Computer Simulation? If it is a Simulation, how can we anticipate the code and use it to our advantage? How can we use it to discover or even create our own destiny? We humbly offer The Simulation Tarot. Flashcards specifically designed to help you interpret the messages the Programmer is sending you! A tool to decode the mysteries behind each experience you have as you make your way in this simulated reality.

Design ref: 161810300113

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Designed by: Patia Douglas & Roger Poor
At this store you will find a collection of unique card decks ranging from very meaningful to just plain old fun!
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