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Marco Tafelli

Welcome! HINTU is a creative tool for guitarists. Whenever there's a creative block or obstacle in creating a structured lead guitar solo, HINTU guides the composition and inspires new solutions, otherwise unexplored. HINTU can also serve as a practice tool to boost improvisation skills and as a game-like approach in music education. HINTU is not a mass-produced item, a single copy of HINTU will be crafted especially for you at the moment of the order. The paper and print quality are top notch and Casino-quality. This 2nd edition comes in 2 versions: --HINTU-- Mini (126 mini size cards, 300gsm cardstock, plain white tuck box) --HINTU-- Deluxe (126 bridge size cards, 330gsm superior smooth finish German cardstock, custom Matte laminated rigid box, smooth finish) Enjoy HINTU! Marco Tafelli

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Playing Cards

--HINTU-- Mini

Playing Cards

--HINTU-- Deluxe