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Clare Goodwin

The Mandala Deck is a result of weaving together over 40 yrs. of personal & professional interests into a unified whole: including tarot, astrology, psychosynthesis, art, & mysticism. Mandala (Sanskrit word) means the universe & everything in it. The Tibetan Monk, Lobsang Samtem, said that gazing upon a mandala contains the seeds of enlightenment. If "a picture is worth a thousand words, this is a collection of 44 favorite mandalas for you to gaze upon, meditate with & receive wise guidance. The Mandala Deck includes a 4 page booklet with suggestions & prompts for how to use the cards. 4 individual suit cards provide meaning for each category. A detailed description of each card is beyond the scope of this print service & also the intention of the deck. If your heart is willing to plant seeds of enlightenment: choose either shrink wrap or a beautiful sturdy box for safe keeping. May The Mandala Deck guide you with Divine inspiration, joy, awareness & peace.

Playing Cards


Playing Cards

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