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Robert Maddox

Introducing Madking's Alchemical Deck; Ancient Psychology for the Modern Age. As each of us is at the center of our own perceptual universe, we are in command of all of our responses, yet without true self dominion we become the "MadKing'' often making haphazard and arbitrary decisions and our life circumstances reveal the MadKings folly as it is played out in life's drama of addictions, broken relationships etc. The MadKing Alchemical Tarot, available here is a process oriented deck focusing on bringing the user up the Kabalistic Tree of Life. The Major Arcana thirty two paths of the Tree of Life and the Minor Arcana fifty two stages (for the fifty two weeks in the year) are rectified to their original standing as was reflected by the original stenciled French decks before the advent of Etiella. More titles to follow

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MadKing's Alchemical Deck